Its genesis in the cabin fever perpetuated by lockdowns, five artists emerged from the isolation determined to be a beacon for all to once again gather in numbers to celebrate friendship, share the joys of food and drink, and rekindle their love of live music. Prolific and creative, this 5-piece Canadian band ensures every performance introduces new songs crafted out of a drive to give the mundane an “Intervention”, to play “Advocate for the Devil”, to bring back memories like a “Chime in the Breeze”, and to make everyone feel “18 Again”.

Their toe-tapping "Canadian Cottage Rock" hits the musical palate with deep, flavourful compositions reminiscent their beloved homegrown influences like The Tragically Hip, The Band, and Blue Rodeo.

The Whiskey Ghost conjures up the feel of those perfect soundtracks on summer nights at the cottage with good friends, cold drinks, and great memories. Fresh originals are woven in with covers from those same influential Canadian bands in a way that keeps the good times rolling all night long... and beyond.

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Meet The Band...

Luc Normand

Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar

Photo Credit: Michael Broughton

Ian Dumanski

Lead Guitar, Mando & Harp

Photo Credit: Karen Dumanski

Pat Cooney

Bass, Backing Vocals

Peter Daigle

Drums, Backing Vocals


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