High School Years (Bell)

A quiet unassuming beauty walks past 
an abnormally shy teen. 
Highschool; incubator of anguish. 
A four year quarantine. 

A poet's good for nothing 
if his first rhymes of intent... 
don't wind up disappearing 
through his first love's locker vent.


Old Wendy's® Logo

Co-workers talking music. 
My big mouth opened wide. 
Said "I can play the drums!" 
An innocuous white lie. 

My money where my mouth was, 
brought drums home from Dave's store
Poet come musician. 
Life changed forever more.


The old shack where Johnny & the Deltas was born.

Lynwood Community Centre. Home of "Johnny & the Deltas"

Over 30 poems written, 
all words without a tune. 
And each musician stumped; 
not one composer in the crew. 

He tossed me an old acoustic, 
"Here... Pluck it out on one string..." 
Drummer come guitarist. 
Only thing left to learn is sing.

Still a Drummer in my Dreams

Sweet Dreams playing fundraiser circa 1983

"Sweet Dreams"

Took a gig providing beats
for a female vocal troupe.
Two sisters & three friends;
Ottawa Valley touring loop.

Mostly played benefit concerts
to help those who were in need.
All the others piled in the van
my drums in Dad's car in the lead.

Ploughing Matches were "the" thing
Pre-Bluesfest music scene.
If we weren't the main attraction,
we would fill gaps in between.

Most memorable among them
Wayne Rostadt & Family Brown
They're both in the Hall of Fame
I blend in the woodwork in any town.

Sweet Dreams and the... 






Enter Pandemic