1. Intervention

From the recording Sipping Maples [DEMO]

Designed to generate lovers or fools...



It started with a “Hello, how do you do?”
It quickly slipped to “Pleasure meeting you!”
Not enough time between the two
To gain a foothold and rise above the room.
But that’s the game I didn’t make the rules
It’s designed to generate lovers or fools
And Baby, I’m a fool for you.

Some things are just “blips” on the radar
Like two gazes locking in passing cars
But I knew as I grabbed my guitar
That I’d write this song to play in every bar
And sing it ‘til it changed my luck
And I got another taste of your gateway drug
Cuz Baby, I’m a fool for you.


Something strange about addiction,
It's the antithesis of vaccination
One keeps the wolves from the door,
While the other leaves you begging forevermore
And Baby tho I got that vaccine,
You slipped in your microchip unseen
So now Baby, I'm a tool for you... (ahhh!)

Intervention, if you please
But I’ll fall off the wagon with ease
Cuz Baby, I’m a fool...
Ooo... Baby, I’m a tool...
Baby, I’m a fool… ...for you…

© L. Normand, 2019
All rights reserved.