Sipping Maples

Luc Normand

A collection of new songs and a handful of old new ones for good measure. What began as an ambitious pre-pandemic project became a vibrant outward looking introspective journey.

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Nowherebound Train
A song you might see in a Footloose type film when Kevin Bacon leads his unruly crowd of defiant (post-lockdown?) dancers out by kicking open the barn doors and dancing through the streets.

Bo Sox Cap
A folksy little love song about spotting the things right in front of your nose that highlight just how freakin' amazing where you landed actually is.

Jesus came walkin’
Everyone, whether they're Agnostic, Religious or Spiritual have been touched by the concept of "god". If that being suddenly appeared before an Atheist, this is how I imagine it would unfold...

Bringin’ up the Rear 
if nice guys finish last, don’t nice girls finish last too?

It started with a "Hello. How do you do?" and quickly slipped to "A pleasure meeting you." Not enough time between the two to gain a foothold and rise above the room. But that's the game, I didn't make the rules. It's designed to generate lovers or fools... and...