From the recording AGE LIVESTREAM

Advocate For The Devil
Written by Luc Normand & Ian Dumanski
Performed by The Whiskey Ghost
© The Whiskey Ghost. All rights reserved.

The Whiskey Ghost are:
• Luc Normand - Guitars & Lead Vocals
• Ian Dumanski - Lead Guitar, Mando, Harp & Backing Vocals
• Martin St-Hilaire - Keyboards & Backing Vocals
• Pat Cooney - Bass & Backing Vocals
• Peter Daigle - Drums & Backing Vocals

RECORDED Wednesday, April 12th, 2023 AT
AG Entertainment Production Studios
Clarence Creek, Ontario, CANADA
Produced by Andrew Gladish
DANTE Certified Levels 1, 2 & 3


Advocate for the Devil

Hey there friend, you say your daddy had no class
And you blame your future failures on his past
Dip your potential deeper in your glass
And you know, it's funny you should ask
I think it's a shame he ain't around to kick your ass

I'm just playing advocate for the devil
So I can watch where the dust will settle
A wake up, a shake up,
No need to make up with me…
Cause if you can't be your own best friend…
... certainly I will never be.

You in your car doin' business on the road
Cellular, pedal height, sell your glitter gold
You cut me off and I saw your life unfold
Right up until that telephone pole
It’s a shame your common sense
was the first thing you sold


There's no big secret to the future
If you look real deep into the mirror
Those eyes that don't see
Those ears that don't hear
That mouth that drowns out those brutal fears