Officially Unofficial Tracks

Officially Unofficial Tracks

Back in the '90s Dan, Richard and I had a little 3-piece band. I was the lead singer and they both did a ton of backing vocals but each of them had one song they sang lead on. To surprise Dan-O on his 60th Birthday (being celebrated during the pandemic restrictions) his daughter Kirsten reached out asking for friends and family to send in videos of well-wishes. Richard and I got together for the first time in decades and hastily slapped together this take on the song Dan used to sing lead on.
~ Happy Birthday Dan-o! You sang it better Buddy.
Performance: Luc Normand & Rich Katsmith
Song: Powderfinger Words & Music: Neil Young
All Rights Reserved.


A quick little video I slapped together a couple days after I wrote this song.

See if you can spot the photo-bomb (video-bomb?) of my biggest fan.

Likely will be released on "Sipping Maples".

Summer Solstice

Luc Normand

Summer Solstice was released on cassette in 1993. I had borrowed my friend Rick Watson's Fostex 4-Track recorder and cranked out 26 songs in one weekend from the comfort of my tiny basement apartment in Hull... with a raging head cold.

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