Very much a "Jeremiah was a Bull Frog" style
writer. Tries his best to bring joy to the world.
Some of his songs are to be taken with a
grain of salt... (& a slice of lemon, etc...).
For the rest, enjoy with some mighty fine wine. 
- Jeremiah, Entertainment Writer, Swamp News

Current Project


Intentionally blending old and new; this next album will be a reboot of some of my earliest works providing a return to the styles that forged who I am today coupled with a handful of brand new tunes to keep things fresh.

Working song list:

  • 14 18 Wheelers
  • Fine as Fine Can Be
  • Mr. Right?
  • Something on my Mind
  • By the Time
  • Bo Sox Cap
  • Crazy Little Town
  • Fou en Amour
  • Hittin' the Road
  • Intervention (video preview on this page)

A quick home-made video a few days after I wrote one of the songs that is now on the short list for the next album:

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