From the recording Sipping Maples [DEMO]

Intended to be the type of song you might see in a Footloose type film when Kevin Bacon leads his unruly crowd of defiant dancers out by kicking open the barn doors and dancing through the streets. At least... that's the image in my brain as I tried to revive an old piece of music into something uplifting just around the time when I thought maybe we'd get clear of the lockdowns, bust through our own barn doors, dance in the streets and get off this one track our collective train's been on.

This song's about making mistakes but rather than regretting them, just getting off those rails, and moving forward all the wiser.


Nowherebound Train

Goodbye voices. Goodbye pain.
Goodbye poor choices; and goodbye rain.
I'm tired. I won't ever ride these rails again.
This is the last stop... for this nowherebound train.

Darlin' come meet me at the station;
'cause I don't have enough for payin'
no bus fare, no taxis.
There ain't been much cash to gain.
It's been a long haul, so please pick me up on Main;
'cause this is as far as the line goes...
for this nowherebound train.

I always had a mind for leavin';
but you always stuck around.
And now I think you got me believin'
what you said as I left this town.
You said "Don't get on this train, my love...
... it's nowherebound."

Though I'm here with no possessions;
all I own is my name.
And although I had no friends out there
I've only got myself to blame.
And Baby, believe me, it was thoughts of you
that always kept me sane.
I'm a gunner. I'm a strummer. I'm a midnight runner.
And Babe, you don't know
how glad I am that you came
to meet me as I stepped off for the very last time...
from this nowherebound train.

© L. Normand, 1992
All rights reserved.