What Was, What Is, and What May Be


  • Drummer
  • Exuberant teenager
  • Lead singer
  • Front man
  • Dreamer
  • 3x new father


  • Curator of nearly 1,000 songs extracted from the days that tied all those experiences together.
  • Father of 3 highly unique and thoroughly enjoyable human beings.

Likely will be:

  • Creator of many more songs
  • Producer / Co-producer
  • Shadow writer

Accomplished Bucket List:

  • Put smiles on faces.
  • Help those less fortunate.
  • Meet ridiculously wonderful people.
  • Witness how music helps people either deal with or forget their woes even for a short while.
  • Be the soundtrack as two lovers share the deepest gaze and the most meaningful of moments.
  • Hear own song on radio.
  • Experience the beauty of the stringed instrument, the passion of the human voice and just how intoxicating the two are together.

Remaining Bucket List:

  • All the above, just more (Well... 'xcept maybe the making kids part!).
  • Travel.

You comin’?

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