90s European Train Busking Tour

One of the defining moments in my life as an artist was becoming house musician at a pub called "Derringer's". A hole-in-the-wall in a "rough around the edges" part of town; exactly where I belonged, some might say. This was…

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Vie & the Train Whistle

I wrote Nowherebound Train in 1992 and originally recorded and released it on cassette in 1993. I had borrowed my friend Rick Watson's Fostex 4-Track recorder and cranked out 26 songs in one weekend from the comfort of my tiny…

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1st Recess

The hustle & bustle sounds of "1st Recess" just joined the cool not-yet-fall breeze coming through my open windows. The school next door is providing a dose of normalcy even to those in my neighbourhood who may not recognize it…

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My personal views on #BlackLivesMatter

Note: The post below is written in the
context of the #BlackLivesMatter
movement, not the organisation.


I was too young to know whether or not my parents had purposely escaped Quebec in the midst of bombings, kidnap and murder…

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Busking for Hearts...

It was 1980 something and I was downtown Ottawa near the corner of Rideau & King Edward waiting for my brother to get off shift. Had my guitar and so I pulled it out and started playing. Before long, a…

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The Evergreens are covered in snow...

I know I'm a rough-around-the-edges, scruffy and scrappy looking guy but there's nothing, and I really do mean nothing, that softens my heart like the time that spans Thanksgiving to the New Year. I am, time and again, a wilful…

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LOST LYRICS: "Better Learn to Climb"

As I dust off the old studio equipment to begin recording new works, it stands to reason I'd come across old scribbled notes in amongst the technical plots, charts and templates. Like cookie crumbs leading me back through a forgotten…

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Free album download

First come, first served! To redeem this single-use promo code, cdBaby (the best independent music store on the web) will require you to create an account but will *not* ask for credit card info or anything other than a name…

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After a nearly 10 year sabbatical, I've gradually brought my fingers and vocals back to half-decent shape (nothing I can do about the face - made for radio). Here's my latest creation from Big Fan Studios (aka my living room).

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DOGS > gods

"If any of these gods people talk about displayed even a fraction of this type of love, I'd sign up. Instead, they're a pack of capricious pricks." - Me (ya, I said that... in fact I Tweeted it and some…

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What Was, What Is, and What May Be


  • Drummer
  • Exuberant teenager
  • Lead singer
  • Front man
  • Dreamer
  • 3x new father


  • Curator of nearly 1,000 songs extracted from the days that tied all those experiences together.
  • Father of 3 highly unique and thoroughly enjoyable human beings.

Likely will

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Blast from the Past

Came across this old video while setting up my new studio. This was many moons ago (2000 I think) at a United Way benefit held at the Palladium (as it was called back then). Friends drew the highest bid (a…

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