However you want to call it… “2/5ths”… “Duo”… or even “80 Proof”… this variant of The Whiskey Ghost provides the campfire flavour of TWG's beloved toe-tapping “Canadian Cottage Rock”.

Luc and Ian ramble through acoustic versions of (nearly) all TWG songs; hitting the musical palate with deep, flavourful compositions reminiscent their beloved homegrown influences like The Tragically Hip, The Band, and Blue Rodeo.

The Whiskey Ghost Duo conjures up the feel of those perfect soundtracks on summer nights at the cottage with good friends, cold drinks, and great memories.

Within minutes, you'll feel like you're sitting on a log around a roaring bonfire*.

*Smores not included.

Meet The DUO...

Luc Normand

Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar

Photo Credit: Michael Broughton

Ian Dumanski

Lead Guitar, Mando & Harp

Photo Credit: Karen Dumanski

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The Duo version of The Whiskey Ghost

Ian & Luc doin' the singin' thing...

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So many guitars... So little time...

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