The Evergreens are covered in snow...

All I Want for Christmas (by know I'm a rough-around-the-edges, scruffy and scrappy looking guy but there's nothing, and I really do mean nothing, that softens my heart like the time that spans Thanksgiving to the New Year. I am, time and again, a wilful participant in all that is Christmas. From the first cinnamon scented candle lit, right through to the last serving of leftover "Turkey on Toast", the entire season is like walking through a box-store department sized duvet emporium with free samples freshly out of the dryer.

Ya. You know it. ;)

"But Luc," you'll gently interject, "what of your lovely three children? Do they not warm your heart at least on this same scale?"

Thanks for asking.

Yes; of course they do. They are the underpinning to the whole feeling of Christmas. Just like the dream of one day having them was the source of that feeling during the days I wondered if ever I would be a Dad.

If we don't have numerous friends or large families, this season is one of hopes and dreams. If we do, it's a season of thankfulness and sharing. If we once did, it is one of remembrance. No matter the situation, there's a warm emotional duvet waiting for you.

My song, "A Christmas Wish", was written in my 'hopes & dreams' phase and captures the magical blend of those mixed with the youthful joy of the season and the truth that it all starts with two.

If you enjoy watching videos with your music, I've pieced together one for this song using images from gorgeous barn-board paintings created by the very talented John Kenward. Head on over to LucTube for the video or to his for more beautiful artwork (link below).

Oh... and one last thing...

I wish you and yours the very merriest of Christmases whether or not you believe, practise, or are of any particular faith. The only Christmas I celebrate is the one that is wholly inclusive, welcoming, and spreads kindness to all.

Merry Christmas ♥

- - - - - - - - - - - -

And, hey, if you haven't got all your shopping done yet, here's where you can find Mr. Kenward.




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