1. Have to Go
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Have to Go

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A rockabilly song about an opposite sex room-mate that edged a wee bit too close to "that line"...


Yeah I was listenin’ to Lynyrd Skynyrd on the radio
And you didn’t say a word as you walked out the door
Ya the music’s been playin’ loud, but the mood’s been way down low
Oh, you’re gonna have to go

Yeah, Van was goin’ ballistic about somethin’ goin’ mystic in the lyrics
And as you walked down the street my feet were keepin’ the beat to the music
You’ve been livin’ in a dream and I’ve been tryin’ to scream Please get realistic!
Oh, you’re gonna have to go

I’m sayin’ "Hey, what’s your name?
I don’t know you any more"
I’m sayin’ "Hey, what’s your game?
You been draggin’ me way down low"
Oh... You’re gonna have to go.

Yeah I overheard the neighbours talkin’ on their front lawn.
I said "Oh no, no. You see... you’ve got it all wrong"
We were only room-mates all along
They said "By God young man, what could’ve led her along?"
"She’s got her pattern picked out, her maid of honour no doubt!"
Oh, you’re gonna have to go...