What Was, What Is, and What May Be


  • Drummer
  • Exuberant teenager
  • Lead singer
  • Front man
  • Dreamer
  • 3x new father


  • Curator of nearly 1,000 songs extracted from the days that tied all those experiences together.
  • Father of 3 highly unique and thoroughly enjoyable human beings.

Likely will

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Blast from the Past

Came across this old video while setting up my new studio. This was many moons ago (2000 I think) at a United Way benefit held at the Palladium (as it was called back then). Friends drew the highest bid (a…

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Not about Cheesecake... much.

Quite possibly one of the greatest foods ever invented is cheesecake. I've lost at least 25% of you with just that opening sentence. This isn't about cheesecake... much... I promise. 

On with the cheesecake. 

Possibly one of my top 5…

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ˈspektryəm/ noun   1. used to classify the expression of pleasure in eating, or the prospect of eating, a particular food, or to suggest that its consumption can be classified, in terms of its position on a pleasure scale… Read more

20th Anniversary of "The Easter Bunny Song" 


It was Sunday evening and a convoy of cars were returning from a cottage up in Otter Lake after a fun weekend away. I was riding shotgun in the trailing vehicle enjoying what amounted to be a peaceful ride along…

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