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Luc, thank you so much for playing at our wedding Sept. 5, 2010. We were beyond amazed by your beautiful guitar playing and vocals - we couldn't have asked for anything more perfect. Thank you so much! Steph and Lisa
You really did impress us all at ESM! Hope you can play our upcoming gig! Say Hi to PN from HRP!
Hey stranger couldn't be happier to hear you sing and play again where does 20++++ years go. Must say I'm shocked that "the weekend" song wasn't on your set list...those were the days
Wow, 25 years and still got it going on, glad to see you've continued with your love of music.
Loving the music Luc! Keep the great tunes coming, Its a pleasure to play you music on my show! Dwight Dunlop Host and producer of Much To Do About Nothing
I'll try to come see one of your shows on the 11th or the one in May. Really looking forward to it.
Great to see you on Friday many memories. You haven't changed, a little older, a little wiser and still AWESOME on the guitar!!!
Fantastic music! What are you doing wasting your talents in (anonymous workplace)? :o) I know I know, we all have bills to pay!
You rocked at the Barley Mow, I will be back.
Love the music, see you at the Mow!
Music sounds great. Best wishes for a great show on Friday at the Mow. We'll be routing for you. C&G
Great music, good songwriting, nice guitar. Professional and clean recordings. You have a great voice as well! Well done. regards, Peter
Very nice, I like the storyline, perfect for a young girl, the music is quite nice too Luc. Good luck in Nashville, let me know when you're going because this is a great song. Helena
Best of luck, Luc. It's not really luck, is it? It's talent and hard work and lots of good wishes.
Really liked you web site and truely enjoyed the music.
Luc your website is FANTASTIC!! ( now let Sharon back on the pc will yah?)
Luc the CD is always in and the whole family truely enjoys it. I had a chance to check out your web site and must say you are a remarkable dude ..... keep it up
Very original, I really liked your lyrics. I have booked you on Friday August 25th 9:00pm start. If that is still okay with you? Peter
Wow, Great site Luc, heard some of the samplers and by the sound of it, the new CD going to be a winner!!
What can we say? - We love it, we knew we would! Can't wait to hear it in person again! soon?
Excellent site Luc, I like the song samplers and I'm looking forward to the CD.
"WOW" Luc blew me away. I knew you love to sing and play music, but your CD totally captured my attention all the way through. I knew you have talent.. but this was sooo.... good.Keep up the good work
Merci Luc pour le CD. WOW! Très belle music et un son invraisemblable. Je suis très impressionné et j`aime beaucoup ton style. La participation des enfants et de Sharon est formidable et très chaleureuse. Merci et continu. Claude
Very nice website my friend. You seem to be doing quite well for yourself. Keep up the good work and good luck in your future feats. Richard
Love your stuff, Luc! The recordings sound great, nice work. Cheers, Bruce
Hey when you going to get to the important stuff?
Cool site, great job. You're a hell of a musician (and a great teacher too). I can't wait to give a listen to your CD. One day I'll be saying to my daughter, "See that big fat guy on stage in the sequined jumpsuit and ponytail, he taught me to play guitar." Good luck with everything. Where's your list of upcoming gigs?
Great website!!! Especially like the interactive song writing feature...hope to participate in the near future!
Luc Sharon I am really impressed, well done!
Hey! - when did all of this happen ( the website) and why didn't we know about the cd coming out? -you need to keep us in the loop!! Debra


Pic of Luc playing favourite 12-String
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