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Somewhere Else

Words & Music: L. Normand
Luc Normand


© Luc Normand. All Rights Reserved.

I’m wasting the best part of me
on people who just don’t see
I’d rather be somewhere else

This is not the life I want to live
A little for me and then give, give, give
I’d rather be somewhere else

And there’s a turn that you turn
when you learn that you’ve earned
a little less than nothing
And the ones that you love
are those you’re thinkin’ of
a little more than nothing

And how do you make it come together?
How do you make it come together?

And the longer you wait to get going
the longer the journey seems to be
But the sooner you get on the road
the longer the journey seems to be

The sooner you start, the longer you wait
But you’re runnin’ and runnin’ cause you can’t be late
And the clock’ll strike whether you’re there or not
Get there and remember what you forgot

No time to think, no time to sleep
No time to make time while the seconds creep
Analog, digital, sundials, internals
Ticking and tocking sounds infernal

(Clickety Clock’s not my friend…)

Traffic drastic. Nice trick
I’m jammed. I’m spammed. I’m damned.
I’d rather be somewhere else

Someday I pray I’ll say I’m on my way
My time, free time, family time all mine
And I won’t wanna be somewhere else

Cuz there’s a turn that I’ll turn
and I’ll learn that I’ve earned
a little more than lovin’
And the ones that I love
tell me I’m the one they’re thinking’ of
and they’d do anything… for me

And then I’ll know it came together
Yes, then I’ll know it came together




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