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Move You

Words: L. Normand / Music: Presley Jane


It started with a request from an old friend, Leon Switzer, to sing Green Day's "Time of Your Life" for a video he was putting together of an historic building move for the Lansdowne Park redevelopment project. And although both Warner Music and Green Day were amenable to it, I'm so very honoured that he asked me for an original song instead. The words came out of me quite easily (as they often do) but what happened next was beyond my wildest dreams. Before I could put my own lyrics to music, my beautiful, wonderful little girl did. She eclipsed every hope I had for the song and sent her Daddy and everyone involved in the project over the moon. Here's what she came up with inside of about 24 hours...


I'm not tryin' to change you.
I'm just tryin' to move you.
Make the earth move beneath your world.
Give you a new perspective.
I don't mean disrespect, it's...
...normal the way things unfurl.

But change for the sake of change never worth the time.
Sometimes changing everything else
...makes your whole world chime.

     That's why I don't want to tear you down.
     Too many memories we'd be sifting.
     I will always need you around.
     Like you've done for me... I want to be uplifting.
     I never want to lose you, I just want to move you.
     Make the earth move beneath your feet.
     Takin' you with me cuz you're so sweet!
     I will reinforce you...
     Hold you up the whole day through.
     I just want to move you.

The same sun will rise on us tomorrow.
The same rain will fall.
We will navigate the narrows.
Open the same doors when they call.

And when that day will dawn,
When all will finally come,
You will still be standing strong
A castle where we all belong...

No I don't want to change you...
I only want to move you.

        This way you can take what you like
        Leave the rest behind
        Takin' a hike
        With an open mind
        There will be nothing inside
        Just an empty shell
        Fill it back up with
        Whatever the hay...

     No I don't want to change you...
     I don't want to change you...
     Never want to lose you,
     Don't want to tear you down,
     Just want to bring you 'round...
     I... just... want... to... move. You.




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