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Cross the Line

Words & Music: L. Normand
Luc Normand



Though I know I let you kiss me
Up there on the dance floor
Yes I know I let you kiss me
Right there when the lights were low

Everybody around was waiting to see
The rumours stirring all around
Everybody was watching you and me
And you loved it as it all went down

You can’t force your dreams on anyone
Like you tried to force your tongue on me
I’ll be your friend til you cross that line
then you’ll never set your eyes on me...

Cause it’s once, shame on you... twice, shame on me

I'm not offended by your reaction
And no, I'm not gay, but thanks for askin'
It's a perfectly legitimate question
For someone who can't handle rejection

But it's still once, shame on you... twice, shame on me




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Pic of Luc playing favourite 12-String
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