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Fan Vids

Share Your Talents

Want to show the world how creative you are? Awesome! Everyone has talent to do something... the challenge is in finding time to execute on the ideas we have. While I may have lots of great ideas for videos, I just have far too many songs to keep up. This is where YOU come in! Look for this "Fan Vids Candidate © Luc Normand. All Rights Reserved. logo peppered throughout this web-site and on my YouTube channel. In this playlist is a collection of the partial ideas (a.k.a. completed songs) that are fertile ground for YOUR infusion of talent. Are you a videographer? A sketch artist? A photographer ... painter ... Lego Ninja ... or perhaps you are a master Minecraft builder? Have at these. Make your own video and send me a link. The best ones will be posted in the "Best Fan Vids" Section of my Channel. Some that are of that out-of-this-world creative genius will be forever enshrined in the "Fan Vids Hall of Fame". If you've read this far, this is obviously for you! What are you waiting for...? (Psst! Just between you and me... no one's taken me up on this yet so your odds of hitting the hall of fame are off the charts!)


You're a Musician Too?

Excellent! That makes everything so much easier! Just perform this song live, have some fans record various angles from their phones and send them to you for some final editing and zap it to me! But don't forget to throw in a ripping guitar or drum solo or even a verse of your own lyrics for good measure!


Other Ideas?

Outstanding! Maybe you're a dance troop... Synchronised Swim Team (Synchronised Mio Squirt Team?)... or maybe you're a comedian and you make a Weird Al version! The sky's the limit, really.


To coin a phrase from "Scott"...

"Go ahead... Feed your creative genius... Feed it!"


© Luc Normand. All Rights Reserved. 


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Current status...

Re-jigging this web-site to include all my musings, not just music. I write. That's what I do.